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Lock And Lock 1 Gallon Pitcher

Get organized And have a well-protected drink supply! These Lock And Lock pitchers are practical for a small business or home bar, the 2 12-ounce pitchers come with 2 travel lids so you can keep your drink supplies well organized And well protected.

Top 10 Lock And Lock 1 Gallon Pitcher

This 2-in-1 Pitcher set from is a peerless substitute to keep your drink business running smoothly, this set includes a Pitcher with handle, an 12-ounce can Pitcher And an 2-year warranty. The Lock Pitcher presents a claw spring system that increases stability And the handle is rubberized for durability, these pitchers are sure to get your drink in the air in the morning. This 2-pack of pitchers is first-class for the those who admire to be able to keep tight control of their games, the tight fitting lids provide just that. And the series from denim blue makes it effortless to keep your Pitcher evenly organized And in control, the pitchers are locked into the arms of the making them first-rate for heavy drinking. The sleek design means that you'll basic get to know these pitchers, plus, the denim blue color is puissant for any drink shop or restaurant. The set of two 12-gallon pitchers extends 2 travel-lid pitchers for a secure, safe hold, each Pitcher is a first-class fit for a variety of applications, from home brewing to commercial drinking. The denim blue color is versatile And will work with any kitchen or bar setting.