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Igloo Legend 1 Gallon

The Igloo Legend 12 half gallon water cooler jug is a splendid substitute to get people thinking about water-friendly habits, this jug is manufactured of durable plastic and features a white orange design to make it effortless to see the impact of water-friendly practices. It is first-class for giving away as a gift, or use as an own custom water cooler.

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Igloo 2204 Red Legend Jug 1 Gallon

Igloo Legend 1 Gallon Ebay

The Igloo Legend is an 12-half-gallon model of a traditional Igloo that can be cool to cold with its spout top and blue and white colors, this drink cooler jug is excellent for taking to the grocery store or into the office. The Igloo Legend 12 half gallon cooler drink jug is an exceptional addition to all home this jug is manufactured in the united states and is ideal for suitors who enjoy the retro style of Igloo products, this jug is an exceptional surrogate to keep your drink cold and provide entertainment for your the Igloo Legend is an 12-ounce cold drink cooler made with a retro look and feel. This model is a first rate surrogate for enthusiasts who desire to take their coffee with them on the go, the cool drink cooler comes with an 12-ounce capacity, so it can hold 12 cups of coffee. Plus, the sleek design is puissant for on-the-go experiences, the Igloo Legend is an 1 gallon be that contains all the flavors of the Igloo Legend series. This be is top-quality for admirers who grove on ice cream and enjoys eating in the summertime, the Igloo Legend is manufactured with a variety of flavors to ensure a smooth flavor experience. Plus, the cool and container helps to keep any ice cream in one place.